Reduce recoil Using Modern Muzzle Brakes without Busting Your Eardrum

Some of you may not be all that familiar with a 223 muzzle brake. All kinds of thoughts may cross your mind once you lay eyes on one. The ports at an angle of 90 degrees seem to make a huge difference to the back blast as it prevents the concussion effect that would generally distract a shooter.

The primary benefit to using brakes would be the increased recoil reduction and the no back blast when making use of the ported models as opposed to your typical radial and angled recoil reducers.


As mentioned, one of the most efficient brake designs would be the ported Recoil Suppressors. Reason being is that they allow massive amounts of gas to escape through the first port while the remaining gasses would follow the bullet and escape out of the subsequent ports. It is amazing how many different designs are available nowadays of which the best ones are the ports that angle back towards the shooter.

The thing with ported brakes is that they much the same as drilled brakes except for the fact that these do not have an expansion chamber that you’ll find with drilled brakes. Usually, the area with no holes is situated at the bottom of the brake to ensure there isn’t any dust blowing in the shooters face.

Recommended Precautions for Hunters Who Equip Their Hunting Rifles with noise suppressors

Some riflemen seem to ponder over the question “do 308 muzzle brakes work?” Besides, they may have heard stories of hunters with firearms that are equipped with brakes that had an effect on their hunting partners in that bystanders had to deal with extreme noise levels. Firing off a shot within close proximity of an unsuspecting person who does not have sufficient hearing protection can be disastrous and result in irreparable damage to their hearing. The hazards are real. Hunters are therefore warned to take the necessary precautions.

One downside to angled port brakes would be increased concussion. While most noise suppressors are loud, diverting gasses to the rear may increase the pressure shock wave that is close to the shooter’s position. Needless to say, shooters would much rather deal with a bit of extra recoil than having to cope with the increased blast from the shock wave. Just another thing to bear in mind when you’re out there.

New Releases

It is like music to your ears when you learn about new releases. Recoil Suppressors for the 1-14 Threaded Shotgun are finally here along with the 15/16-32 thread that has been designed for the KELTEC KSG12 and also the M22-0.75 metric thread for your VEPR 12 and SAIGA. All of at reduced prices. Now the 1-14 threaded shotgun brakes can serve double duty as they would also be used as a recoil reduction device.

Then there is another rifle company who is known for their gas blocks and rails who feature a large lineup of muzzle brakes too. Just the other day they announced the release of another muzzle device to their family, the SR22 5.56 Single Port Brake that is made of 416R Stainless Steel that features a Melonite finish.

Then there are the fabulous 308 triple port brakes made by Madhouse Design that aims to take your performance out there to another level. What a way to stay on target. Best of all, the triple port muzzle brakes feature a compact and sleek design, so you hardly notice that your rifle or gun is equipped with one. Ideal for a fast and accurate shooting experience. Guys who used it already reported minimal blow back and muzzle rise. What a boon.

In general, the best recoil reducing recoil are said to reduce muzzle rise while the front end would distort as well as reduce flash signature. We don’t know if it is the color of some of the top designs, but overall they blend in perfectly with the rest of the shooting devices that shooters are using at the time, which is ideal for hunting purposes too. Brands like the ones you’ll find at Madhouse Design is proudly made in the USA.