Video Production Errors Business Owners Need to Guard Against

Despite the incredible technological advances made through the years, many things remained constant such as the need to capture as well as retain the audience’s interest, tell your story, and accomplish your overall objective of communicating your vision.

As technological advances brought affordable, high-quality multimedia and video into the hands of the newcomer, so the need to use these correctly remained. Remember, just because you got yourself a paintbrush doesn’t necessarily make you a Vincent van Gogh!

Let’s have a look at some mistakes made within the workplace concerning multimedia programs and corporate video.

Do Not Bother to Identify Your Audience or Keep Them in Mind

The first rule of creating any communication program, yet it is weird in some kind of way how often it is being violated. It is essential to develop a precise definition of your target audience and put it into practice when the time comes to shoot your video.

Many marketing firms and departments spend billions of dollars to establish who needs to receive a message to ensure proper product advertising and promotions.

We find that various Portland video production services or corporate video editing do what their customer wants by adopting a “Ready, Fire, Aim” approach. Trying to appeal to numerous audiences in the hope that the footage taken will serve multiple purposes will not cut it. In fact, when you try to do this, you end up appealing to nobody.

It is imperative that you plan your project with your audience in mind by knowing what their level of experience and expertise on the topic.

Assuming That Video or Multimedia is the Solution to Your Problem

Not all problems will be solved by making use of multimedia or video. In the areas of marketing and sales, multimedia and video can be seen as a strategic component. While in other areas, like skills training, one needs to use a video presentation to demonstrate the right technique to use for newly hired individuals.

In most cases, multimedia and video projects are best used where you show the product, service or process. In sales, it is particularly useful to show products in use that cannot be taken to the client for a demonstration, such as exercise programs, clean room processes, large assembly line, etc.

In other areas such as management training, a video might be the perfect way to get the point across. Mainly if there were employees, who need to be trained. However, for smaller groups, role-playing and a host of other techniques could do just fine.

Adopting the Attitude That It Is Just a Corporate Video

We need to face reality by realizing that the audience is comprised merely of sophisticated media and television viewers. According to Nielsen, the average American spent 4.5 hours a day watching TV.

Think about it this way; viewers are bombarded continuously with video images. Therefore, they do not view an ordinary video as anything special. You may class them as sophisticated media consumers. Do not for one minute think they will excuse lackluster video production values if you want to send a compelling message.

Obviously, if the idea you want to portray is fundamental to you, then it is all the more reason to have your video produced professionally.

You Can Just Skip the Lighting or Any Other Equipment That Will Make the Image Pop

Electronic technology is remarkable. Many people seem to think that home camcorder will make them the next TV director. As good as these cams have become, a professional look will only come to be once additional lighting and other gear get used. Current reality shows are often supplemented by plenty of lighting instruments and other equipment that is designed to make shots look extraordinary.

Knowing how to use light is regarded as an art in itself. After all, the image you wish to show to the world has to be something out of this world and adequately represent your company.

Some of the gear you would most likely need to include; soft lights, reflectors, gels, cookies, light diffusion, scrims, and bounce cards.

Your video production company in Portland will make use of a cutter towards the top center to keep too much light from bombarding the background.

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